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Before the age of four,  a child’s brain grows faster than at any other time, setting up all future learning and social skills, and physical and mental health. Bobby Zoo is here to help young children grow to reach their full potential.

We celebrate diversity and equality and we believe that Bobby can help young children learn about playing, exploring the world, teamwork, and helping others. This teaches them to be smart, strong and kind. Developing these social skills and strategies help young children prepare for school and life.

Bobby Zoo stimulates interaction between parents and children. It’s important to watch video content together with your child. It shows that you care about what they watch and you can discuss and explain things when they have questions.

Our goal is to inspire young children around the world with fun and educational high quality video content.

Or as Bobby would put it: “When you’re small, dream big!”


We at Bobby Zoo Studios produce videos for children in the age between 0 and 4.

As parents ourselves, we know how hard it is to find the right video content online.

Content that is positive, fun and safe.

Slow and quiet and not overstimulating and loud. 

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